The God Particle

In Chemistry, you learn about electrons. The orbits they inhabit. But the most fascinating part is how they jump orbits when excited. One moment – excuse the blatant simplicity – happily circling at one level, doing their thing. Then instantaneously, a level above.

Poof. Disappear. Appear.

How it really happens, no one knows. But it happens. That is the important thing.

I think love is the most powerful force in nature. Quantum, molecular, human. It is the God particle. Just as light excites electrons to a new level, love does the same for us. It makes us better. Makes us shine. To focus on love for ourselves is the greatest thing we can do.

There is another level. An orbit we cannot reach on our own. One that only comes when we truly love and are loved by someone. No ego. Fear flung aside. Eye to eye, breath to breath, chest to chest, heartbeat to heartbeat. That, I think, is when we jump levels we didn’t even know existed.

Ah, but the fears we’ve spun around love. Of hearts being broken. Of giving up something. Of risk. The truth: yes, we do give up something. The irony: what we give up are the cords that tie us down.

Something I’ve learned: life is magic. But to experience magic, we must step up. Life requires it. And that is not a bad thing. It is the moment of commitment – and then surrendering to a love greater – that forges us. The energy for the jump, that is where it is born.

Take the risk.

13 thoughts on “The God Particle

  1. Beautifully written. I am posting to Facebook to share… hope that is OK. Your inspiring words from your book Love Yourself, is changing my life by the way. No biggie. I will be writing my own book as well in devotion to this message. Thank you.

    1. HI Joanne, of course. Thank you for sharing and also your words about Love Yourself. Yes, definitely write your own book – your truth, your story.

          1. I actually found it by chance on the bookshelf of a cafe. As everything turns electronic I’ll miss that about physical books.

            But then again, its through technology that I’m able to be reading an ebook in the morning, then have a conversation with it’s author later on that day!

          2. Love the serendipity of physical books. Totally agree. I’m a fan of both mediums. And yes, to have a conversation with a reader (from my end) – thoroughly awesome.

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