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  1. Kamal, I heard you first on James Altucher’s podcast. I’d just recently bumped into him and now you. I bought the book Love Yourself while I listened to the podcast about your new book, which I will order today. James was doing an ad for some miracle product that you can’t live without so I went on Amazon and bought your pamphlet. The pamphlet arrived yesterday. so when I came in from working on the firewood pile- no I don’t have to carry water when we’re here, just in our cabin on the Cape- I ate because I was starving, then sat down to read your pamphlet. I don’t like the cover, but I read the book. The cool part was after I went to bed, a couple of hours later and I’d done some writing. Dreams? WOW! My brain was zinging. I said “Yes,” all night long. I smiled and then I said “I love myself.” I said “I love myself,” and then smiled. All night long.

    I had a most spectacular dreams toward dawn- gliding,sliding, flying over the secret sand dunes, over the snow, headed for a special place with a special person who turns out to be my wife at the end of the dream. Oh yes, wonderful.

    So I thought I’d tell you.


    Paul Murray

  2. Thank you for writing this book! I feel a spark has ignited in my brain & maybe just maybe there is hope for me…I’m going to keep trying, at least for another day so thank you again Kamal!
    Very Grateful in SC…xoxo Jenny

  3. Kamal, Loving myself more that I’ve listened to your audio book. Learned of you from Mani Vaya of 2000 Books.com. When I saw the cover it struck me, I knew this is what I need. My mind loops are now changing as I’ve allowed “I love myself” to be the one true constant. I’m rediscovering the unconditional love of a my infancy and it’s magical. Thank you brother for the gift, it will be shared.
    Love, Chris

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