Lessons learned, late night thoughts, and experiences shared.  

I’ve trekked to one of the highest base camps in the Himalayas, earned my US Army Infantry patch, walked 550 miles across Spain, lived in Paris, and bungee jumped out of a perfectly good hot air balloon.

I’ve hung out with some of my favorite authors and been the only non-black, non-woman member of the Black Women’s writers’ group.  I’ve written  a novel about love, forgiveness, and facing our fears.

I’ve danced the merengue on hot nights in the Caribbean, kite surfed (badly), sailed off the West coast of France, watched double rainbows, shooting stars, sunrises and sunsets in various parts of the world.

I’ve driven like a maniac on Highway 1, won a San Francisco-wide modeling contest, gotten drunk on the same barstool as Hemingway, watched Ben Kingsley eat a sandwich in his boxers, felt the smooth marble of the Taj Mahal against my bare feet, held the hands of dying patients, sang in the shower (badly), made love to some beautiful and amazing women (not too badly), co-founded a company with the guy who wrote the first browser, and been fortunate enough to work with some of the smartest investors and engineers in Silicon Valley.

Starting blocks are behind me.  Watch out world…..

Favorite Poem (by Hafiz)

One day the sun admitted,

I am just a shadow.
I wish I could show you
The Infinite Incandescence (Tej)

That has cast my brilliant image!

I wish I could show you,
When you are lonely or in darkness,

The astonishing Light

Of your own Being!

You can also find me here: www.kamal.co

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  1. Thank you also like to share the same was my pleasure to meet you and like you said maybe one of this day see me in San Francisco, take care Javier

  2. Your book came to me at the most perfect time. Thank you for sharing your story and reminding us all to LOVE! I lived in San Francisco for 3 years. I have many love groove memories formed in my mind, connected with that lovely city! Thank you for reminding me of those jasmine scented, foggy streets. LOVE AND LIGHT FLOWING BACK TO YOU !!!

  3. just watched a funny hollywood movie ‘yes man’ after reading your book, now they will forever be together in my mind! heeelp! Loved your book, it is a powerful refocusing. i looked at the stars and moonlight drifting clouds and said ‘yes, i love you here now, you are me’.

  4. Kamal, I’ve now read your book for the second time ( I just downloaded it). I work in a world of books and authors. Many are great. Most are helpful. But, your words left an imprint on my heart. Cheesy… I know. But it’s the truth. I can’t wait to share with my family and loved ones. Thanks for having the courage to share your experience. Somehow I feel that was the universal intent:) Many Thanks,

  5. thank you for this, very inspiring I wish to experience all that you have…i will embark on this life journey shortly. Pia

  6. Hey Kamal,

    I just wanted to say thank you, thank you so much for your book, thank you for helping me so find a way to love and accept myself, I’ve gone through a really tough time, tried to kill myself, got into therapy and they said to me that i have a big depression. I fought and fought and fought and many things got better, but i wasn’t able to accept and love myself and I was always wondering: why? And also I was thinking that every achievement to get healthy again means nothing if I’m not able to start to like, love myself and the old thoughts about ending everything came back. Then I read your book and I was amazed, inspired… I don’t know, something changed. I started to love myself.

    Today I’m mentally healthy again, maybe not everything is a rainbow, but I love myself, I care about myself and I really believe in myself. Your book was the key to all this and I just wanted to say thank you, thank you for saving my life.


  7. I took up meditation after years of postponing it as soon as I finished your book. It’s only a few minutes but well-worth it. Thanks for the remarkable book.

    I have a request from you. Can you add an email newsletter so that we can be easily notified about your new blog posts?

  8. Love the way the universe unravels itself when we are ready!

    1993 we graduated from U of R, said farewell and goodluck. Facebook reconnected the three study buddies but not for more than a hello, how are you?, hope all is well. You popped up on facebook several times but nothing that lead to us reconnecting in a meaningful way. Then I see your name on my invitation to Ryan Deiss’ Traffic and Conversion Summit.

    Your name keeps coming back up. What am I missing? What am I supposed to do with this?

    I’m tweeting to the group of financial advisors that we coach and begin searching for others to follow. Your name jumps into my head so I look you up and follow you. Then I see a link to this website…read a few posts and enjoy them. See the book…find it on Amazon and read it.

    I loved it…thank you for risking when it wasn’t comfortable. It helped me to put words to the journey I have been on for the last few years. I am sharing it with my children and wife and with others that may be searching.

    I’d love to interview you…I interview leading authorities and experts on the topics of Family, Wealth and Legacy: http://www.collaborativefamilyoffice.com. I believe your concept of teaching ones self to Love themselves is at the core of wealth creation. If you love yourself you can’t help put to be happy. If you are happy then you are wealthy. If you are wealthy then you attract all types of wealth…relational, intellectual, health, and financial.

    And thus the old adage is actually true: The rich, get richer. .What is often missed is that there is more than one form of wealth.

    Again, I say thank you!

  9. Hello Kamal,
    I finished reading your book the minute I received it from amazon. I it is remarkable, I really liked how you created this very easy to follow plan to fall in love with yourself made specifically to start working right away.
    I’ve read every single book in the self-help aisle in every bookstore, that is why I decided to order this book, but this one is a complete honest new approach and extremely effective too… It is the shortest and more efficient book I have read.
    I thank you for sharing your amazing experience with all of us. I finally was able to break the loops that wonder to my mind consistently and causes me to be sad.

    greetings from México

  10. Thank you so much. In seeking resources for my clients, I stumbled upon your book. Intrigued by the title, I purchased it. It truly is only of the best books I have read; it has elicited an emotional response that I cannot ignore as it has inspired me. I wish I had an endless supply of these books to share with my clients, friends and family!

    Thank you for sharing your experience. It will help so many.

  11. Just read your book a few hours ago. I’ve been around these sorts of circles for 25 years now and yours is pithy powerful take, worth passing on. Thank you!!

  12. Your book is a gem that I’m passing on. I’ve been a serious student of transformation for about 25 years and it’s a pleasure to read something that is powerful, pithy and fresh.
    Thank you! Lila

  13. It’s Thanksgiving Eve; what better time to express gratitude. I read your book “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It” very recently and despite having experienced enough therapy, no one had ever taught me how to love myself as successfully as you did in 55 pages. With your simple, three-word mantra. You’re right–there is magic to be seen. As a result of your written word (and the friend who initially recommended your book, Toni Takeno), I have seen the magic you predicted. And it is sublime. I’m on day 27 of the 30-day meditation. I have sent copies of your book to Northern and Southern California. A handful of my friends here in Honolulu have now read it. From Hawaii, copies of your book have also gone to Venezuela and multiple locations in Tennessee. It will continue to travel and be shared. “Thank you” seems like such a small thing to say to you, but there it is. Thank you, Kamal.

  14. You are beautiful! I hope in one of your multiple universes our paths cross some day. Thank you for sharing

  15. Just read your first book “Love yourself” today… awesome! Just started reading your second book “Live your truth”… all in one day… awesome! Totally Kamaliezed:)

  16. Just watched your speech from the Awesomeness Conference called Love Yourself Like Your LIfe Depends on It. . The video was compliments of Mind Valley. It has been such an inspiration to me and I listen to it every morning to get the momentum going. I have picked my one thing to commit to for 30 days and I’m looking forward to making the change a reality! Thanks so much for being so awesome and sharing yourself with us.

  17. I Appreciate your words BUT you need to change the Book Cover… monday a client shared her husband is dying – another clients, friends Grandson, committed suicide sunday (age 20) and another clients son’s friends (2 brothers) overdosed on heroin -(ages 21 and 23) the mother was able to revive 1 but lost the other… Tthe cover of the book is WAY TOO intense to give to someone who is reeling from tragedy – the Black image with the Heart, is simple and intense enough – the Gun is ‘over kill’ excuse the Pun… – I could never give this book to these 3 families in their raw state with this image. And I believe it would help them. Be Well.

    1. Syd, I agree completely! Love the book. Was thinking about sharing it with my staff and stopped because of the books cover!! Until it is reinvented, I will just share the messages learned within…

  18. Hey Kamal,

    Just wanted to say that I devoured your book in a day and it really was able to pull me out of a mental rut I had been going through. Your book is very practical and even have a book of my own. I also wanted to share with you that I did a small review on my site for your book to promote it here:


    Truly, thank you for sharing your journey with me and your compassion. Blessings to you my friend,


  19. I saw you on The Blaze and I need to become closer and respect me in a more meaningful direction.

    Thank you,


  20. Hello Kamal – I just completed reading your book “Love Yourself..”. Enjoyed reading it for its simplicity. My challenge with “Loving myself” seems to be in the relationships I encounter daily – my husband, children, colleagues, friends.. It seems like I have always have had to get more efficient, better my ways of dealing with them to have a “Peaceful” state of being around them…Loving myself then becomes last on the priority…

    Not sure what your thoughts are on this..

    1. Hi Vidya, thanks for reading the book. That’s the irony of loving yourself, it ripples out to others in ways greater than you could have imagined. Classic example: oxygen mask to yourself first, then you can help others with theirs.

  21. Kamal,
    I am so grateful to have read your book. over 2 years ago I began buying self help books, began reading began meditating began going to workshops began trying to be happy. Your book was a book I bought thru Kindle Love your self like if your life depended on it. Well I left it alone, I never even opened it, honestly I was to busy exploring other books, audio books, classes, prayers, ect ect. (which they did help me out, at least to keep me moving forward. But, it have been up and down one day i am smiling another i am in tears, always trying to win someone over. Kamal, I am a woman who has felt like has to do things for others to be accepted, If i like a guy i will do things like buy them stuff, text them look for them in hopes that they will like me. The few relationships that i have had i have been taken advantage of. I am horrible with friends, i am loyal and a giving person but, at the same time I flake on them I believe that they are not going to miss me much anyways. I remember as a child I never really made friends I was the odd kid. And you know how in the book you state that moms tell you, you should love yourself first, well as much as love my mom and as much as she has been there for me, she has also put me down, and made me feel like no one will fall in love with me. The story I often heard as a child and now as an adult was that my father did not want me, at least he did not want a daughter, my mom and dad are still married but have lived a life of no love. Anyways, I been back and forth lately again trying to win some guys affection, obsessing and how I can make him like me, prior to that i did a similar thing. Trust me at times I feel like a complete psycho and I wonder why I do that. (I do have a history of depression/ADD/OCD and have to take meds.) Well, on sunday I noticed that your book was on audible. (I cannot sit for more than 5 min without getting distracted, reading your book was out of the question.) Well I got the book on audible, on Monday night I was done, My obsession my sadness my beating up myself emotionally and in times physically. Had reach the limit. I have cried and cried and could not find any comfort in anything. Kamal i have listened to your book more than 10 times. And every time I listen to it, something new rings a bell. Maybe it is the most obvious thing in the world, but I could not see it or at least I just could not mustard up the courage to look at myself in the mirror and tell myself I love you. Since monday night like a song i have been mumbling I love myself I love myself, something so simple has made me feel lighter, I been meditating writing expressing how much i love myself. At first it seemed like I was getting nowhere, but, I am worth it, I am loved I am lovable I LOVE MYSELF.
    I know this is so long of a message, but if i could just share all i have gone thru with you it would be so much longer.. Your book is a true blessing I am in awww , i am impressed, today i tested myself out in my place of employment and the simple I love myself keeped me
    on track, Kept me smiling. I have already told friends of mine on how amazing this book is.
    Thank you I appreciate that you shared this book that you wrote it. Everytime i feel
    like a bad thought is coming in I remember your words be kind to it, turn to love..
    AGAIN THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I’m so honored, Yolie. Thank you for sharing your journey and all the changes that are happening. If I can ever be of help, please feel free to email me anytime. My email: k (at) founderzen (dot) com.

  22. Thank you Kamal. I purchased your audiobook about 1 week ago and almost have it memorized. I often read or listen to self help books and hypnosis for my depression and lack of will/willpower. There is something about the simplicity in your nature that I can relate to, unlike many others. There is no filler…no gaps…no false promises. When I feel myself slip, I simply play your audiobook until I regenerate a connection within myself and understand that “it is ok”. Thanks again and I hope to continue learning from you. I would hope that you visit Canada one day and speak to people in need of a simplistic approach on inner peace. I have spread your words and helped others along the way. Cheers!

  23. Kamal, thanks for your insight to one of the VCs on Quora regards “‘What should he do with 30 M Dollars”. Great advise and something that very few people realize. BTW, I think there is an Indian movie star who looks like you ..Arjun Rampal, Starking similarity and wondering if you are twin brothers lost at birth as in the Bollywood movies ?

  24. Thank you for your book but mostly thank you for the love (not courage) to share. Your writing has clicked inside me and now I can finally write the book I’ve had in my heart the last ten years. Now I can write without teaching. The voice that was irritating me is gone and the voice of love has resurfaced. Thank you.

  25. I read your book: Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It. It spoke to me. So simply expressed which is a nice change from so many people writing books who tend to complicate with so much. I love every one of your blog posts that I have read and will be sharing a few of them with a small group of friends on Monday. We meet once a month and assist one another with goals, aspirations, challenges and mostly, loving ourselves. So glad to have come across you and you are a beautiful person who has touched my heart. Going to buy your book for Christmas gifts. I think Loving ourselves is the most important thing we can do for humanity and the planet. Peace to you! Keep sharing your light cause it made my own light more apparent to me.

  26. Yes, the astonishing light of your own Being!
    Thank you Kamal for sharing you. Your present was a key and that key fit a very specific door for me and stepping into the other side has been a lovely surprise.
    One being an insight into Genesis. The problem was not that we wanted to be God, but rather that we rejected being us. Especially after He took such care and thought into creating us. Silly things! Not being happy with the “astonishing light of our own Being”. Revelation!

  27. Hi
    I have listened to your book ” love yourself ” 6 time’s through .I think it’s brilliant! Thanks for being my way shower.
    Present in my best affection

  28. Dear Kamal… I would not have picked your book a few months ago. The title would have embarrassed me.

    One month ago, after discovering the beauty of joy and the transformative power it holds, I was still finding a little vacuum in my being. I was craving for some other girl or being to appreciate me, for how wonderful I was.

    And then, out of the blue, I decided I was going to feel fulfilled. Like I would be if I just had sex with a gorgeous girl. But it lasts for two minutes. I wanted that forever, for all my life…

    And I just went to the mirror, looked at my perfectly flawed face, and started to love myself. It was tough. But it was so exciting. The initial high sent me dancing on the streets to Pharrel William’s – HAPPY…

    But I wanted an affirmation before I could turn this into a life long affair. I found a few quotes here and there… Like these

    ‘To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance – Oscar Wilde’

    And then, I chanced upon your book. The cover seemed a little simplistic. And the author had an Indian Name. So my filter went up. Cant trust an Indian that easy, said my silly little upbringing….

    So I googled your image, and I saw your silver locks, and those convinced me. Dont ask me why, they just did.

    And here I am…. every time I am awake and I breathe in, I just love myself. This was typed out, all these words here, while I was exhaling… No sir, when I inhale, thats me living, fulfilling my purpose… LOVING MYSELF.

    And it is through your generosity that I discovered myself… by loving myself. And I am being generous again, just like the world… in thanking you.

    THANKS. I found the most wonderful person. Myself. I think reality henceforth, along with its prosperity, gifts, pleasures, will all just be a side effect. But as they all come, I shall still spend each conscious moment spent inhaling, in loving myself. Let the rest happen.

    Maybe Life will transform further, and I will find better, more fulfilling ways to continue my romance….. But I found you through your book… and through your book, I found me.

    Cheers, and may you forever prosper.

  29. Hi Kamal, Thanks so much for your work. I love the “Love myself” mantra. It works. And I truly need it to work, as I’m transforming my entire life at the moment and it’s SCARY! I’m curious as to the music you use while meditating. I haven’t found my perfect 7 minute track yet. Also, might you be coming to Boston anytime soon? We could use some of this teaching…I do my best in the classes I teach on meditation and energy work, but I feel people are astounded and a little shocked by this simple suggestion. (They look at me like I’m a little nuts….but oh well I’m getting used to it.) Keeping my vibration high is my number one goal; the rest all falls into place. Would love to meet you in person and chat about growing my energy medicine business if you had the time, I love your energy! Yours, Julie

    1. Hi Julie, my pleasure. Regarding the piece of music, honestly, it changes over time, but the one I used when writing Love Yourself is called “oneness blessing instrumental.”

      Re Boston, email me (the address is in the book) and I’ll contact you next time I’m there.

  30. I understand you are interested in finding a common language between silicon valley and the rest of the country – if so see link below about how silicon valley’s culture was imported from the midwest by Robert Noyce – ‘founder’ of Intel

    Robert McCoy

  31. Hi Kamal, I heard about your story (not your book) 2 years ago when I first moved to SF. I live in SoMa. 3rd and Mission area. It was funny, nostalgic to hear you describe the Coca Cola sign that rebuilds itself.I’ve looked t it so many times mesmerized. Funny. From the 37th floor of my high-rise, these are the things that standout.
    I only now bought the book about a month or so ago. I’ve listened to it on Audible a hundred times, lol. It brings me back to SF and beyond the boundaries and neuro pathways that need to be re-wired. Hope you are well. I am no in Montana writing my next book; I’ve written a few. Look forward to your next work. Be well. Kindly, Janette

  32. Hi, I love “Love Yourself…” And wanted to share that I have penned a more personal and playful phrase,
    Here’s me, loving ALL A THIS !” Meaning me, head to toe. I put a kind of growling emphasis on the last 3 words. Makes me laugh.
    Brings an easy, cherishing focus to every atom, etc.
    I love to embrace my, clean, young slightly bratty energy, untainted by the egos and styles of parenting in the 50’s.

  33. That’s a life worth living! More adventures to come! Hysterical that you were the only non-black, non-woman in the group! Clearly, there’s something truly magical about you…

  34. Kamal, Your book Love Yourself saved me. Literally saved me. I have been meaning to reach out for months. I work on the NYSE and today James Altucher was standing next to me at my post. His presence reminded me of your books Forward which explained your relationship with him and the influence he had in helping you publish. I was moved by how loving and helpful he was in helping you and seeing your importance in this world. Today for the first time i broke my own personal rule not to bother celebrities who visit the New York Stock Exchange. I introduced myself and thanked him for his help and we talked about the book. I would love to meet you when you get back from vacation for a coffee and to tell you more about your influence in me loving myself and the promises that are coming true by breaking the unconscious minds default mode.

    PS i added:
    i love my life
    i love my God after the all important “I love myself”


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