In the now – bam wow!

You can find yourself by coming into the present – @tinybuddha

Email conversation with a good friend on being in the moment:

Me: somewhat stressed, need to be more relaxed like you.

Him: You just haven’t taken enough beatings yet. This is a trial by fire and you will be better off regardless of the outcome. Once you accept that you can only learn from your past but can’t live in it or invest any emotion in it your stress level will go down. When we live in the now its like BAM WOW!!!

Me: Very wise. Any tips on living in the now?

Him: Enjoy it, love it – be open to everything but focused on the tasks at hand. Your gonna get hit kicked and spit on, roll with most of it fight back with some of it and do nothing with the rest. When you get in that rythym the universe opens and shit happens.

One thought on “In the now – bam wow!

  1. I hit a very low point in my life last week. I realized that I needed confidence in order to move forward. I stumbled upon your book and read it over the weekend. Let’s just say that to describe what happened after as ‘magic’ is the understatement of the century. Magic is smoke and mirrors. What I’m going through now is so much more AND it’s not an illusion. I no longer sleep at night because I am so excited about life and I cannot wait to start my day. It’s been four days since I finished your book. It’s much more a miracle than magic in my mind. You have saved me.

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