The Cover

I was at Harper’s offices for meetings and randomly walked by the art department and saw this laid out.  It’s the cover, the real thing that they wrap around the book.  It was the only one in the whole space.

The man working on it saw at me admiring it, then said, “hey, that’s you.”

I nodded.  “Can I touch it?”

“Of course.”

The red letters of the title, they’re raised.  The feel of the paper, thick with just a hint of grit.  I couldn’t stop touching it.

The editor I was meeting with came over.  

“We’re deciding upon the interior color,” she said.  “We want it classic, because this book will be one.”

“Want one?” the man asked

“Can I?” 

He laughed.  “We’ll make plenty.”

The backstory: book comes out in the U.S. January 7, 2020.

Title looks familiar, right?  Yup.  Self-published in 2012.  By many measures, it became a success.  Not only in copies sold, but most importantly, lives transformed.  And lives saved, literally.  I’ve received so many emails from readers sharing with me the impact of this book.  

So, you’re wondering…then why expand it?

Because I also get a lot of questions.  I’ve replied to each.  My readers showed me where I held back, what they needed.  So, six years after it came out, I decided to go at it again – this time deep.  Resolving every single question.  Soup to nuts, holding nothing back.  

But everything from a place of value.  Just like the original, not a single word wasted.  

Then, I partnered with Harper One, the publisher of one of my favorite books of all time, The Alchemist.  They went gaga over this book and more importantly, understood what I was doing.  All truth, all value, nothing held back.  

With them, I’m going to put this book out to the world.  Starting with the US on January 7, 2020.  

Then: UK, Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, bunch of countries in Eastern Europe, Spain and South America, Japan, Israel, Italy, Taiwan, and more coming… (in the local languages, which blows my mind).

If the original version helped you, this one will blow your socks off.  I promise you that.  

It would mean tons to me if you you pre-ordered some copies:

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