A Simple Way to Happiness

Each time I’ve done this, it works.  The key – like anything important in life – is to do it consistently.  The effects compound over time, almost like there is a tipping point.  You may not feel the gradual increase in your happiness but there will be a day when you’ll realize the vast difference in your inner state and you’ll be amazed.

The concept I use, I call: “bookend the day.”  It’s this:

1) Do not check email / internet / social media / tv / news (especially news) for the first hour after waking.
2) Do not check email / internet / social media / tv / news (yes, especially news) for the last hour of the day.

That’s it.  Simple.  Each time I’ve done it, I’ve found my life to gently become better.  I’m more in touch with my emotions, more in touch with who I am and what I want.  I use this time to write and read or reflect or workout or connect with a loved one.  What you do in this time, it’s up to you.  You could create rituals (maybe I’ll write about that in another email) that solidify the day, but really, the core concept is to stop getting caught up in the rat race of the mind that consuming media creates.

I’m sharing this with you because I’d forgotten it for a while.  So I’m committing to myself to do this.  Try it for a week.  Let me know how it works for you.

Oh, if you do the Love Yourself practice during that morning and night time, even for 5 to 10 minutes, it will transform your life.  It really is that simple.



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13 thoughts on “A Simple Way to Happiness

  1. It’s good to read you again. As for your post, just recently I took a 3-month break from social media and loved every moment of it. It helped me to break the habit and now I don’t feel so compelled as I did before (even though the bulk of my “job” involved being constantly connected to social media). Thank so for the reminder. I’m looking forward to reading your new book when it releases!

  2. I listened to the audio book ‘Love yourself’ … I was really desperate I have to say… I just looked at the title and thought thats it really… years and years and years of believing I am useless.. rubbish… no good… someone not even a mother could love 😉 ( a bit extreme but thats how it feels) so i thought this had to be the answer… its only been a couple of weeks since i started… i love myself… that IS my truth i seek… im not very good at it at the moment… its mainly laziness and distraction… so I have just read the book today… it will hopefully sink in better with repetition… i am a bit nervous admitting it but I feel different already… despite not being very good at the mental loop bit of it still… but even as i put myself down yet again … i check myself and tell myself i love myself… i think its working… i need to practice like my life depends on it;) i will let you know how i get on 👍

  3. thank you for your reply! I have started the meditation more consistently and am asking myself the one question a lot more… the mental loop is there a lot of the time … i feel different after a good meditation session… i think im a bit more alive each time… i have to say i am following your suggestions pretty much in literal terms… maybe one day it may get a bit more personalized if i am consistent enough! thank you for taking time out to help ‘your kind’ 😉 i will still let you know how i get on a bit further down the line if thats ok!:)

  4. I saw your interview on The Blaze this morning with Glenn Beck and found it interesting. Then when you mentioned Rick Warren I realized I bought his book, The Purpose Driven Life and never fully read it which I will. There are so many books written with the intent to help people. I always said by 30 I will have it together, then 40, then , 50, then……life kept getting in the way. It is now or never for me and should I buy your last two books, that is the ponderment. The reviews were excellent.

  5. I listened to your audible book today for the first time and was teary eyed all the way through it. I struggle with loving myself, took on a dead end jobs because I never felt good enough. What’s wierd is that I’m well educated, trained as a Counsellor, the universe willing, I I start my psychotherapy training soon. I am going to choose a thought and practice it over and over again with enough intensity so that my mind will have no choice. Great advice mister! I want to embrace my light and step out of the dark. Thanks for your gift today.

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