Hey Kamal. Nice post, man.


So, how many Facebook likes for your life to be validated?


Let’s try this.

How many zeros after a one in your bank account for you to have mattered?


Come on, really?


I’m getting bored.

“A hundred.”

Child’s play, buddy.

“One thousand?”

I’m falling asleep.

“A million. Wait, a billion zeros.”

Yawn. Zzzz…..

“All right, I get it. What?”

Imagine this:

A golf ball, compressed. Aflame. Inside, hotter than the center of the sun.


It explodes outwards, creating an entire Universe in its wake. Dimensions form and ripple. Galaxies spin together. Planets cool into orbits. Asteroids, comets, black holes. Gas clusters. More stars than all the zeroes in all your bank accounts.

And somewhere in that quantum wake, carbon, oxygen, and atoms from the original furnace fold into helixlike bonds to form your DNA to express itself into you.

You. This amazing construct of hopes, dreams, desires, and fears that has stared at the moon at night and pondered his own existence.

You, the conscious manifestation of the Big Bang.

And one day, this construct will cease to exist. The essence returning to whatever the greater essence is. But you, this unbelievably complex yet stupidly simple being, gone.

That you exist, it is validation enough. That one day you won’t, even more.

But hey, what do I know?   I’m just stardust.

8 thoughts on “Stardust

  1. When it comes to starting a day: reading this > coffee. Thanks, Kamal, for kickstarting my mind this morning!

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