The tools have changed, but the process hasn’t.  You sit, an empty page in front, whether it’s pixels or paper or parchment, and you fill it with feelings, with emotion, with life.  There is magic here.  Real magic.

The world quietly asleep outside the window, the clickity-clack of the keyboard, whatever music I’ve got on – chill, classical, lounge – and the white of the screen slowly filling.

You dive deeper, you strip away the cleverness and the words become more important than your ego and that’s when you know it’s real, when it’s good.  Light spreads out over the hills, dawn comes and passes, and a new day begins.

The feeling of when you step away, finished, and you look at the page and you know you tapped into something bigger than yourself to produce this, that feeling is, dare I say, spiritual.

15 thoughts on “Spiritual

  1. Well said. I’m often surprised that, when I read something that I’ve written, I discover truths in the writing that I don’t remember putting there.

  2. I know that feeling…. How can I get more of your new book, Kamal? The one about your pilgrimage in Spain. Not sure I’m getting updates on that. Is it finished yet? I really like what I’ve read of it so far.

  3. Constipation is the root of all evil. Be it of the body, the mind, the heart, or the soul.
    Whenever I write in the morning – the world still asleep in the background – it cures. I start of the new day with freshness in everything. Maybe because the writing is more listening than talking. And maybe because it really is a moment of creation. That feeling, I agree, is spiritual indeed. And whenever I have that feeling, whatever may happen (or doesn’t!) throughout the day, I can forgive and accept myself. And I’m a happier person for it.

    Now if that isn’t spirituality, than I don’t know what is.
    You are right. Thank you. I needed that reminder.

  4. I ordered Love Yourself on my birthday June 10th. It arrived about a week later. THANK Y0U. I am saying I am love. I love life. Sometimes I love myself / I love my life. Sometimes just LOVE and LIFE. I close my eyes and feel it. It’s working for me. 🙂
    It’s funny how scary it can be to be vulnerable and put out a little book that is so good.

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