Life-changing quote – 1

Once I realized the problem was not with you, but within me, I had inner peace and was able to harness the flow of the Universe.

This is something I’ve been working on lately.  It’s easy to focus on the outside, the person, the situation, what’s wrong.  But that’s not where true change comes.  If someone bothers me today, I can remove that person, but another will bother me tomorrow.  It’s the nature of the mind to create stories, drama.

Instead, if I look inside, to who I’m being in that situation, I can then make choices from a centered space – a powerful space – rather than reaction.  Life is always best lived from conscious action than reaction.  And to do that, one must always look within.

The basic truths are always simple, easy to fit in a quote, but applying them consistently, that is another matter.  A worthy pursuit regardless.

6 thoughts on “Life-changing quote – 1

    1. Powerful. I agree, applying consistently is a hard thing to do – especially when one, such as myself, is easily distracted in trying to apply many different things.

  1. this has been one of the most powerful things i’ve learned in my relationships over the past year. beautiful post

    1. Hi Annalie, my apologies for that. Those ads were by – I had no control over them nor do I receive anything from them. Thanks for your feedback, I can pay to have them removed, so I just went ahead and did that. They should be gone.

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