The nature of reality

I want to put a ding in the universe – Steve Jobs

This is my latest theory on the nature of reality.  It goes something like this…..

Reality is neutral, it is nothing but a blank void.  It’s our focus that creates the path ahead.

Remember the scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when Indy has to solve the final riddle to get to the Holy Grail?  He’s standing at the edge of a cliff, no clear solution in sight, and he sucks in a deep breath and takes a full step out.  What happens?  Instead of falling into nothingness, he steps onto a bridge – one that only appeared if the step was taken.

I want to take this metaphor further.  Imagine being on the edge of the cliff, you step out, and wherever you step, is the direction you go.  That’s what our focus is.  In the blank void it literally creates the step in front of us.  Up, down, left, right, diagonal, moment by moment.

You focus on the positive, that’s the next step.  You focus on the negative, that’s the next step.  Step by step by step, we create the paths of our lives.

If you think about it, that’s pretty much the only control we have – what we focus on.

As a founder (of a startup in my case), this is valuable to know.  The journey is a roller coaster of intensity and emotion.  I’ve had to let co-founders go, one burned out and couldn’t bear looking at code.  Moments like these, you just want to crawl into bed, pull the sheets over your head, and stare at the darkness.

But here’s what I’ve learned.  What’s going to get you out of bed is focus.   The most powerful question I’ve found with these experiences is a simple one: “How can I leverage this to move the company forward?”  That simple question shifts the focus from inaction to action.

And once you shift your focus, you’re taking the step to solutions, and over time, you and your company will be better for it.  Step by step by step…..

4 thoughts on “The nature of reality

  1. Hey Kamal,
    An entrepreneur myself, have often found myself under that sheet you were talking about. Have coerced myself into believing that I could sleep this biggie off, but in vain.. I inevitably jerk out of bed with an opportunity that turns the present failure on its head!
    I now believe its the failures that showcase way forward and actually define success.
    It was great reading your blog…. have a great journey forward:-)
    Ritu Soni

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